Tuesday, July 15, 2014


What has dating come to today ?
Texting and Fucking . That it.
How do you do catch feelings through  a text message. 
You don't see that person but that your man . 
Don't get me wrong I don't mind a text message .
I've even got caught up in a "Textationship"
( Text message relationship ) 
But you can easily misinterpret something
I know I have ! 
And as women lets be honest we do that a lot . 
And then we sit there looking stupid .
Not being able to see the emotion or the reaction to when that message that was written can really mess up a girl.
Thinking he may be feeling you when he was really just being nice .
Or he said something to be funny but you get defensive and now your fighting . 
When it all could have been solved if you had that conversation face to face. 
And no i don't mean Facetime
So it's time for a change
I'm taking myself out of the equation

 Til Next Time

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