Thursday, April 16, 2015

Falling In Love With Yourself : Forgive Yourself

We are our  own worst critics !!

We have to learn to learn how to forgive ourselves

For years I would be angry at myself for not finishing college. 
I dropped out after two years and moved back home.
I attempted to go to local community college but I allowed life to get in my way.
But  for so long I was mad , mad at myself. 
 I felt like a failure , worthless and a bum 
I didn't do what I planned out for myself 
I kept comparing my self to other and the path I was on . 
I  finally come to the realization that everything happen for a reason .
I know I will achieve what I want .
I finally found something I love and went to school for it and finished 
I accomplished what i wanted .
I have to remember God has a big plan for me 

Brittany Morgan 

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