Silk Cashew Milk

I was recently sent a coupon to get "Silk Cashew Milk" free through

If you don't know what is , its a website that you take surveys and are paired with products to review for free
I was a  little hesitant to try the cashew milk.
I was pleasantly surprised that is really tasty .
I have used in a lot of my meals . 
Its great with cereal . 

A couple of my favorite recipes I've came up with. 

Banana Smoothie :
~1 Banana 
~ 1 cup of milk 
( To make it a filler add a little vanilla protein powder )
And for a extra special treat  add 2 scoops of cocoa powder and 1 scoop of whip cream 

I also made a little cold snack by mixing the cocoa powder and cashew milk and freeze it  

For dinner I made"Mashed Carrots" 
~ Boil till soft 
~ Mash 
~Return to pain with a half of cup of cashew milk and let it simmer. ( add sugar to taste) 

Have you tried the new cashew milk ?
If you have any recipes for me let me know . 


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