Wednesday, April 29, 2015

She Doesn't Even Go Here : The Long Walk Home

Its been a while since I've updated you guys
I love living in this same town .
You meet some amazing people .
Last week  my brother got off work late night and the bus ended before he got off.
So I took the last bus to his job so I can walk back home with him .
Walking back we stop by the gas station to pick up snacks and kept on our walk .
After walking through the square a police came up to us with flashing lights ..
In my head I had a moment of panic , with all that is going on in the media my heart dropped.
In a matter of seconds so many things popped into my head .
When  the cop rolled his window down I saw it was the same cop that was at  gas station .

At a sigh of relief he , he remember us and only pulled over to offer us a ride.
I'm so thankful to him .
I felt bad for those moments of thoughts.
I have to remember not all cops are bad .
He is such a sweet guy he even gave us his card and told us if we ever had to walk late again to give him a call for a ride.
What a blessing !

Brittany Morgan 

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