Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Hitlist : Too Grown For Me : Part One

Happy Friday Dolls !
Have you ever looked back to the music we listened to as children.
Most of it we shouldn't have been listening to .
But with our innocent minds we didn't really know what the lyrics meant , we just sang our little hearts out. 
This week is will be a total throwback for us all .

1. Fuck It- Eamon 
   Of course I only knew the edited version of this song 

2. Because I Got High - Afroman 

3. In Those Jeans - Ginuwine 

4. Oops ( Oh My ) - Tweet 


5. Shake It Fast - Mystikal 

6. Pony - Ginuwine 

7. One Minute Man - Missy Elliot 

8. Thong Song - Sisoq

What songs did you get in trouble listening to ?

Brittany Morgan 

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